Community Services Peak Network

YNOT is a member of the Community Sector Peaks Network (CSPN).  The CSPN’s membership consists of key members from Tasmanian peaks bodies. The Community Sector Peaks Network comprises:

The aim of the CSPN is to identify and address key issues through networking, collaborating and sharing information.  For example, the CSPN worked the community sector of the pay equity case and award modernisation process by organising briefing sessions for workers.  Through such efforts CSPN enables workforce development, as well as builds the strengths and investment in the community sector.  

Being involved with the CSPN has many benefits for YNOT, including enabling YNOT to further inform the board and its members on progress in areas of broad concern to the community sector.

For more information on the CSPN contact:

Connie Digolis

Peaks Chair/CEO of MHCT