TYF Antidote Statewide Forum on Discrimination

Date: Wed, 02/11/2011

On August 12 2011, over 130 young people (12-25 years) from across Tasmania gathered together to discuss their concerns about discrimination, as they had personally experienced or witnessed. 

The following communique, written by TYF member Chloe Turner, details the top concerns of participants, as well as some of the strategies they discussed to make Tasmania a place which celebrates diversity.

The communique was publically launched by Minister for Community Development, the Hon Cassy O'Connor MP, on November 1 2011.  Present at the Launch wereTYF members Chris Edwards, Chloe Turner, Grace Reid and Robyn Lewis, as well as TYF Project Officer Naomi Marsh, Anti-Discrimination Commisioner Robin Banks and Julian Punch, representing the Human Rights Week Committee.