YNOT Annual General Report 2009-10

Date: Tue, 23/11/2010

This year, YNOT has continued to act in its capacity as the peak youth body within the sector, providing specialised knowledge and a statewide perspective within the regional bodies of Youth Action Priorities (YAP), Northern Youth Coordinating Committee (NYCC) and North West Action for Youth (NWAY).

The following items are contained in the 2009/10 Annual Report

Chairman’s message (page 3)
Management committee members (page 5)
Thanks to sponsors and supporters (page 7)
Executive officer’s report (page 9)
YNOT members (page 13)
Statewide youth collaborative (SYC) group (page 14)
Youth action priorities (YAP) south (page 15)
Northern youth co-ordinating committee (NYCC) (page 16)
North west action for youth (NWAY) (page 17)
Collaboration (page 19)
YNOT agm (page 23)
YNOT Forum on Youth Ethics  (page 25)
TYF project officer report (page 27)
Why join TYF? (page 29)
TYF members (page 30)
TYF statewide forum on climate change (page 31)
Youth election forum (page 32)
Youth homelessness matters day 2010 (page 33)
National youth week (NYW) 2010 (page 35)
Being on the NYW steering committee (page 35)
National youth week events (page 36)
West Coast Peer education project (page 37)
Other opportunities for TYF members (page 38)