YNOT Budget Submission to Treasury 2015-16

Date: Tue, 03/02/2015

The Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission on behalf of the Tasmanian youth sector to the State Government’s community budget submission process for 2015-16.
YNOT is the peak body for the non-government youth sector in Tasmania. YNOT represents both the interests of its members and the interests of young people. Integral to the work of YNOT is the youth participation structure, the Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF). TYF is Tasmania’s peak youth consultative and participatory body.
Each year YNOT provides the Department of Treasury and Finance with specific recommendations on how we believe the State Government should distribute its resources to ensure that the lives of young people, particularly vulnerable young people, can be improved. YNOT’s budget submission to the State Government for 2015-16 represents the key priority areas that YNOT, in consultation with the Tasmanian youth sector and young people, have identified.
YNOT has taken this opportunity to provide recommendations that also benefit the youth sector, and therefore, the young people they work with. As a result, this submission has been divided into two parts:
1. Youth Peak Priorities
2. Youth Sector Priorities
As always, YNOT is mindful of the economic climate in which we are currently operating, as well as the limitless number of recommendations that could be made. Therefore, in consultation with our members, we have concentrated on providing the State Government with recommendations in areas of highest need or greatest priority at this time.