YNOT Submission to the Tasmanian Multicultural Policy Review

Date: Fri, 09/08/2013

Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) welcomes the review of the Tasmania Multicultural 
Policy (2001) and appreciates the opportunity to provide our submission. The review will 
ensure that the resulting policy enhances Tasmania and that all Tasmanians are treated fairly, 
with respect and without discrimination.  The resulting policy will also ensure that all 
members of the community have equal opportunities and responsibilities, to engage in 
Tasmanian life.
YNOT supports the aims of this review as they align with YNOT’s values 
of social inclusion. YNOT believes that as a cohort, young people in general are particularly 
vulnerable to social exclusion due to age and less life experience. New arrivals (particularly 
those with negative previous migration experiences) are likely to face common difficulties 
such as adjusting to life in Tasmania, education, employment and language barriers (Centre 
for Multicultural Youth Affairs, 2007). Additionally, young people must contend with 
family, peer and community expectations within the context of childhood and adolescence 
(Centre for Multicultural Youth Affairs, 2007). Young women are especially vulnerable and
are often isolated, lacking skills and confidence to become involved in community activities 
and services. Research and consultation conducted by the Glenorchy Council during the 
development of the Glenorchy Youth Strategy 2006-2010 indicated that young women from 
culturally diverse backgrounds were not accessing specific youth services and were not 
represented in existing youth participation structures.
YNOT has taken the opportunity in this submission to assess the effectiveness of and address gaps in the 2001 Multicultural 
Policy in relation to young people in Tasmania.