Child and Youth Wellbeing

In March 2020, the Tasmanian Premier committed to develop Tasmania’s first comprehensive, long-term, whole-of government, Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy for children and young people aged 0-25 years. 

Wellbeing is about a child or young person’s quality of life. The Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework outlines how the government measures wellbeing. Children and young people have a strong sense of wellbeing when they feel happy, healthy, capable, engaged and a have a live a good life. 

The Tasmanian Government are consulting with children and young people from November 2020 through February 2021. 

YNOT have partnered with the Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) to facilitate youth consultations across Tasmania with young people aged 12-25 years in early 2021. 

Contact Ezra at or 0431 792 073 for more information. 

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Where are we going? 

The Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy consultations are supported by the Tasmanian Government.