Youth Work

Youth work is often considered to be an ambiguous term.  Youth work may refer to individuals with the specific job title of “youth worker”, or more broadly, it may refer to anyone who is in a job working with young people.  Youth work in Tasmania currently has no standard attached qualifications or required level of education.  However, there are a number of youth work courses available in Tasmania, and employers will usually look for people who have one of these qualifications when they are searching for new employees.    



There are a number of Community Services Certificate Courses and a Certificate in Youth Work provided by TasTAFE.  These certificates are offered at various TasTAFE locations in the South, North and North West of the state:  

·        Certificate IV in Youth Work

·        Certificate II in Community Services

·        Certificate III in Community Services Work

·        Certificate IV in Community Services Work

Diploma Courses in Community Services, which include a youth work component, provided by TasTAFE are:

·        Diploma of Community Services Work

·        Diploma of Community Services Co-ordination

·        Diploma of Community Services – Case Management

The entry requirements for each of these qualifications, and campuses in which they are offered, may vary and be subject to change at any time so be sure to check for the most up to date information on the TasTAFE website.

You can contact TasTAFE for more information or to learn more about specific entry requirements. 

Phone: 1300 655 307
Online Enquiry:

Open Colleges

Open Colleges offers a qualification of Certificate IV in Youth Work.  This qualification is open to anyone 18 years or older.  This qualification is delivered mostly online and includes a practical work placement component. 

You can contact Open Colleges for more information:

Phone: 1300 473 129



University Degrees

There are currently no specific University degrees offered in Tasmanian that are specific to Youth Work.  However, there are a number of degree qualifications that are relevant to working in the youth sector. 

For example, the University of Tasmania (UTAS) offers courses in social science, social work and counselling.  There are also youth specific units such as Sociology of Deviance and Sociology of Youth that can be studies within selected degrees.   

For more information about UTAS courses contact the UTAS Information Centre:

Phone: 1300 363 864

This email address and contact phone number is the general course information contact details and your enquiry may be forwarded to the faculty specific to your enquiry. 

You can also become a youth worker through a traineeship in Youth Justice, Youth Work or Community Services Work. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10. Ask your career adviser about the possibility of starting some of this training in school.

University Degrees in other states

There are specific youth work qualifications offered at various Universities Australia wide.  Some university level study options include:


·       Bachelor of Social Sciences (Youth Work) – RMIT University

·       Bachelor of Youth Work – Australian Catholic University

·       Diploma of Youth Work – Victoria University

·       Bachelor of Youth Work – Victoria University

·       Diploma of Youth Work – University of Western Sydney

·       Bachelor of Youth Work – Edith Cowan University 


For more information about these qualifications please see the websites specific to each university.  

Employment Opportunities

Youth workers are employed mainly in social welfare organisations and government departments providing community services.

There is considerable demand for this occupation, although employment opportunities and job security are often dependent on government funding.

Additional Information

Once you have been employed within the youth sector there may be other opportunities, through the Community Services Training Package, that will allow you to develop and expand your career opportunities within this industry.

There are also some introductory training opportunities available for individuals interested in working in the youth sector through becoming a volunteer in organisations such as Scouts, Guides, church groups and special welfare programs (e.g. Youthlink, Lifeline or YMCA/YWCA).

For Further Information

Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council Ltd

Australian Youth Affairs Coalition