Sector Development

YNOT provides sector development activities and opportunities to members and the Tasmanian Youth Sector including; evidence-based training, networking, resource development and information.

Sector development activities aim to provide workers with contemporary evidence-based information to inform practice approaches, form connections and build sector capacity to ensure a sustainable and viable youth sector in Tasmania.

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Tasmanian Youth Sector Workforce Development Project 2018-2021

The Tasmanian youth sector workforce development project is an initiative of YNOT. This three-year project is the first of its kind to be conducted for the Tasmanian youth sector.

This project aims to identify key stakeholders in the youth sector, workforce characteristics and current professional development needs across three distinct phases:

  1. Scoping and survey 2018-19
  2. Identify sector workforce needs 2019-20
  3. Professional development and training 2020-21
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