Tasmanian Youth Voice Network

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Thank you for reaching out to the Tasmanian Youth Voice Network - Pilot. Your involvement will help shape a new way for young people to participate in government decision-making processes and have a voice on policies, programs and projects that directly affect them.

How did this pilot come about?

In our engagement through the Tasmanian Youth Story in 2022 we heard that young people are frustrated with being shut out of community discussions, particularly on issues that impact them, and often feel excluded, ignored, or silenced when it comes to decision-making, strategic planning and leadership. 

This pilot (co-designed between YNOT, Brand Tasmania and young people) aims to support meaningful participation in government policy discussions, strategic planning and decision-making for young people aged 18-25. 

It aims to:

  • Establish and strengthen ways for young people to participate in Government consultation
  • Review community engagement processes and ensure these are inclusive of young people
  • Develop the skills and capacity of young people to effectively engage with Government

How long does the pilot TYVN go for?

The pilot commenced July 2023 and will finish in February 2024. It is hoped that further funding will allow the network to continue beyond the pilot.

What is the selection process?

  • Complete the sign up form and follow the instructions to register your email address.
  • YNOT will assess the form and let you know of the outcome (within 7-10 working days).

If you're successful:

  • YNOT will confirm your details in our confidential record management (CRM) system. Link to Vision6 Data Security policy.
  • YNOT send you opportunities to be involved in paid consultations as they arise.

Do I need any experience?

No experience is necessary. However, you do need to be comfortable participating in a small group setting.

Please contact YNOT if you have any questions whilst completing the form.

Questions? Contact YNOT Project Manager Susannah Coleman-Brown at susannah@ynot.org.au or text/call 0488 235 511. 

What happens with my personal information?

The personal information you will be asked to provide is to assist YNOT in directing the right opportunities your way. Your information will be stored via a secure data management system (Vision 6) and only accessed by YNOT staff for the purpose of TYVN activities. Personal identifiable information including your full name and email address will not be shared with any third party. You may withdraw from the pilot at anytime by unsubscribing to emails or contacting YNOT to request removal of your name and details.

By registering to join the Tasmanian Youth Voice Network, you give consent to YNOT storing your personal information and contacting you with relevant consultation opportunities. You will be asked to provide explicit consent to participate in each opportunity. 

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Are you a government organisation wanting to engage with young people? Apply here or contact YNOT to find out more.

Contact YNOT Project Officer Susannah Coleman-Brown at susannah@ynot.org.au.