Tasmanian Youth Story

YNOT is unearthing the Tasmanian Youth Story with young people 18-25 years, in partnership with Brand Tasmania. 

Many people ask - 'What is the Tasmanian Youth Story?'. 
The exciting part is we don't really know just yet!

The Story will capture the unique experiences of what it is like being a young person living in Tasmania - the good and the bad. This will help decision-makers better understand the opportunities, challenges, wants and needs of young people 18-25 years and to influence public policy, projects and initiatives that impact them.

We need this to be an authentic story. One that is shared by, and supported by, young people. Our project can only be successful if young people see the Story and think "That is so me" - and we can't achieve this without you


Want to get involved?

YNOT is seeking young Tasmanians 18-25 years to participate in one-on-one conversations to create the Tasmanian Youth Story. Find out more/register here. 


Find out more about the Tasmanian Youth Story by contacting Project Manager Joanne Horton at Joanne.Horton@ynot.org.au or call 0488 235 511. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*

1. What is the Tasmanian Youth Story project about?
2. What does this project involve?
3. Data and information collection and storage policy
4. What will happen to the feedback provided?

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1. What is the Tasmanian Youth Story project about?

Every day, people are making decisions about Tasmania. They’re launching projects and spending millions of dollars. We don’t want them to do it without your input, the input of Tasmanians aged 18-25 years. 

We know many of you have strong views on issues important to you, but have limited opportunities to connect with decision makers and influence public policy. 

We don’t see your organised letter campaigns in the newspaper, and few of you are managing political careers to influence public policy.

But this is your state, and as we seek to deepen the Tasmanian story, our cultural expression, and our shared plan for the future, we need to hear your stories, your experience of what it’s like to be a young Tasmanian. What are you most proud of? Least proud of? What would break your heart if you had to leave Tasmania? What would lure you home? 

We promise this will be a fun and authentic conversation. There is no way to prepare: you already have the answers. Tasmania will be fairer and finer when we understand what you want from it.

2. What does this project involve?

There are three phases to the Tasmanian Youth Story Project. Young people aged 18-25 years are invited to participate and will be remunerated (paid) $100 for each phase of the project they participate in.

Phase One. Co-design workshop (completed 1 August 2022)
The first phase will involve developing and informing the framework for our conversations. Up to 16 young people will be invited to participate in a one-off, 1.5 hr online workshop. The research team will lead activities and take notes on your participation. The meeting may be recorded to help with note-taking purposes and will not be shared publicly. 

Phase Two. One-on-one conversations (August - September 2022)
The second phase of the project will involve one-on-one conversations (interviews) with young people. The interviews will be in person, by phone or online. The interviews should take around 1 hour. The research team will digitally record your conversation (audio only) to assist with notetaking. On request, the team can provide a copy of your notes or transcript.

Phase Three. Youth Story workshops (October - November 2022)
The final phase of the project will involve regional group workshops to refine and test the Tasmanian Youth Story. The small group workshop will provide an opportunity for young people to inform the final Story and discuss how the research will be used. Workshops will take around 1.5-2 hours. The research team will take notes based on your participation. 

3. Data and information collection and storage policy

It is important that you understand your participation in the project is voluntary. You have the right to participate and to withdraw from the project at any time. If you do decide to withdraw from the project, you are not required to give an explanation as to why. 

All information about you will be held in-confidence and will not be made public unless you consent to be personally identified. All identifying data will be kept securely by the research team until the project is concluded. Following the project, data will be securely stored by YNOT and Brand Tasmania in accordance with obligations set by the Personal Information Protection Act (TAS) 2004. 

4. What will happen to the feedback provided?

Conversations and discussions from all three phases of the project will be used to create the Tasmanian Youth Story. This will be shared with the Tasmanian Government, decision-makers and the broader Tasmanian community. All feedback will be anonymous. Quotes may be used, but you will not be personally identified by participating unless you give permission to do so. YNOT will keep your contact details on file so that we can share with you any results and outcomes from participating in the project.