About Us

The Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) is the peak youth body for the non government youth sector in Tasmania. YNOT has input into and responds to policy direction, advocates for the youth sector and lobbies for the needs and initiatives of young people.

Integral to the work of YNOT is the youth participation structure, known as the Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF). TYF is Tasmania’s peak youth consultative and participatory body. It’s members are 12 to 25 years of age, who gather together to discuss issues that affect the youth of Tasmania.

YNOT and TYF are funded by the Department of Communities Tasmania through Communities, Sport and Recreation.

YNOT aims to be a strong voice for Tasmanian youth by:

  • Ensuring and promoting that policy development takes into account the assets and capabilities of young people and service providers.
  • Advocating social inclusion for all young people which gives them opportunities and capacity to participate in their communities.
  • Ensuring environments are inclusive of young people where they are respected and heard.  This will be implemented by facilitating effective communication, collaboration and networking between young people, service providers, governments, other key players and the community.
  • Building cohesion with key people in government, leading to strong partnerships with YNOT and allowing effective consultation prior to making decisions.
  • Establishing and maintaining connections with those working in the community education sector and promoting the benefits of their work.
  • Ensuring regional liaison with YNOT members.
  • Ensuring locally based connection and liaison with all young people.
  • Building a robust member information system to support YNOT’s understanding of the strengths, capacity, needs and wants of its members.
  • Building YNOT’s capacity to facilitate research and gather evidence through the encouragement of projects with other researchers and students.

Click here to view YNOT's Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.