7th Annual National Youth Employment Forum

Youth Sector

Young people across Australia have been the most significantly impacted demographic by the COVID-19 pandemic, with unemployment rates almost double that of the general population. Whilst recovery from the pandemic has begun in the job market, youth employment has been slower to rebound.  

There has never been a more urgent need for sectors across Australia to come together and solve this persistent challenge. It is essential to provide young people with career plans and strategies to equip them with resilience, transferrable skills and end-to-end support required to navigate a rapidly changing and highly competitive job market. It’s also critical to increase the accessibility to career guidance, apprenticeships and flexible pathways to employment. 

Akolade’s 7th National Youth Employment Forum will address key challenges to upskilling young people, increasing their employability and collaborating across sectors to create job opportunities and career pathways. Delegates will also gain tools and strategies to drive engagement amongst students, develop early intervention models, support vulnerable and at-risk youth and create effective partnerships across sectors to increase youth employment in Australia.

  • Drive engagement amongst young people through student-centric career planning strategies 
  • Equip young people with the skills and training required to compete and thrive in the job market 
  • Collaborate across the public, not–for–profit and education sectors to connect young people with apprenticeships and meaningful employment 
  • Tackle the barriers to employment for vulnerable and at-risk youth 
  • Co–design policy that ensures pathways to sustainable employment for young people 

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