Engaging young people with local government

Youth Sector

Hosted by the Youth Network of Tasmania and LGAT, featuring guest speaker LGAT President Mayor Christina Holmdahl and young Tasmanians.

Online webinar

Young people aged 12-25 years want more opportunities to meaningfully engage with their local communities and have a say on issues impacting their lives.

Councils offer a range of opportunities for individuals to contribute in decision-making processes, however, young people often do not engage with these processes in the same way as older members of our community.

Young people are experts in their own lives and can provide a unique perspective of the challenges they experience as well as ideas and solutions for improving outcomes.

This webinar will cover:

  • the principles of youth participation and co-design
  • the benefits of meaningful engagement
  • mechanisms to engage young people with local government
  • examples of local government youth participation, presented by young people.
  • The webinar is a must for councils that want to better understand the views of young people, learn how to meaningfully engage them in their work and build the capacity of youth to positively engage with their communities.

It is recommended for councillors and officers that provide, or plan for, services to the community such as parks, recreation, employment, economic development and community development.

The Youth Network of Tasmania is the peak body for young people aged 12-25 years and the non-government youth sector in Tasmania.

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