Motivational Interviewing Training

Youth Sector

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Fundamentals training is an introduction to the spirit, skills and practice of motivational interviewing. 

MI is a collaborative, client-centred, goal-orientated style of communication around change. More than a set of techniques, it pays careful attention to the language of change, and requires clinicians to work from a base of acceptance and compassion. While many counselling styles are client centred, MI's point of difference is that the clinician's careful reflections and summaries of the client's change talk, evokes from the client their own motivation for change. 

MI has a strong evidence base for engaging and maintaining people in treatment. It evolved from the alcohol and other drug field and has been used across a variety of settings including public health, needle syringe programs, psychiatry, correctional services, dentistry, education and sports and elite coaching. 

During the 2-day workshop participants will: 

Review the updated MI framework

  • Practice core skills
  • Explore the MI process
  • Practice ways to lessen sustain talk and increase change talk
  • Find ways to respond to common situations such as ambivalence and discord
  • Learn ways of continuing learning in MI

This training is suitable for people who are new to MI and those wanting to refresh their existing skills. 

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Event Dates

Gail Friswell (Tasmanian Health Service, MI Network of Trainers)
Paranaple Convention Centre, DEVONPORT
7310 TAS