Tasmanian Youth Forum 2020

Building a Better Tasmania for Young People. 

Friday 30 October

The details

  • The Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF) is a free statewide online event.
  • It is for all young Tasmanians aged 12-25 years.

Registrations are now open!

The topic

Young people are telling us that they are worried about the future - including the impact of COVID-19 - and they want to talk about how we can build a better Tasmania. We listened. Helping young people have a voice on the issues that matter to them is what YNOT is all about. 

Life is really hard for young people right now, especially because of COVID-19. Young people's education, training, employment and work prospects have been greatly disrupted. Many young people are experiencing psychological distress and intensified mental ill-health. These worries come on top of existing stresses for young people, such as transportation and climate change

Despite the many challenges, young people still have a lot of hope for the future. We know from our surveys that young people want to be involved in responding to all the challenges we face, and in shaping the social and economic recovery from COVID-19. 

Making sure young people are heard and meaningfully engaged is key to tackling these issues and harnessing the power of their hope for the future. 

The Forum

So that's what we'll do at TYF 2020: Talk about how to build a better Tasmania for young people. 

TYF 2020 will be an essential mechanism for young people to have their voices, ideas and solutions presented to government and key decision makers about the future. 

What next?

We are still working out the details with the help of our TYF Youth Focus Group. But we will be updating everyone on the program and registration process shortly. 

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We will also make announcements on our Facebook page. 

Visit the TYF page to find out more about past events. And if you have any burning questions, contact Jo at tyf@ynot.org.au or call 03 6223 5511.

Latest Announcements!

14 September 2020:

Registrations are now OPEN!!! 

Register as part of a group or individually! 

27 August 2020: 

We have had lots of questions coming in about TYF.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide for more information. 

Are you looking for something to share with educators, youth workers, adults and young people? We have prepared a TYF 2020 Save the Date information sheet. Find it here!

17 August 2020:

Are you a young person interested in designing TYF 2020? Applications are open for the TYF 2020 Focus Group. Applications are now closed. 

Event Dates