Tasmanian Youth Forum

YNOT is excited to announce that the Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF) will be exploring the topic of ‘Your Online Environment’ on Friday 7 June 2019 at the Tailrace Centre, Launceston. TYF is a free statewide event that works to engage directly with young people to explore the benefits, concerns and solutions of Tasmanian youth affairs.

This year TYF will focus on the social aspect of use, behaviour and safety online. Topics discussed will include cyber bullying, digital protection, and online safety. These areas will be explored in the context of young people’s social and personal lives by discussing the impacts and benefits of personal life balance, education, employment, relationships, self esteem, mental health and personal wellbeing.

TYF 2019 aims to identify and propose solutions to combat negative online behaviours that can be advocated for by YNOT to support better mental health and wellbeing outcomes for our youth.

‘Your Online Environment’ aligns with Tasmanian Government strategies and frameworks including the Department of Health and Human Services (2018) Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework and Department of Education (2018) Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2021.

Results from TYF will allow YNOT to inform and consult with the Tasmanian Government for a range of areas including the Department of Education 2020: Physical Health and the Environment Action Plan and combating cyber bullying and cyber abuse with the Hon. Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education.

If your school or youth group would like to be involved, please contact TYF Project Officer Jo Horton at tyf@ynot.org.au or on 0488 235 511. Free transport options are available for South and North-West participants on request.

Event Dates

Tailrace Centre
1 Waterfront Dr
7250 TAS

-41.420171217722, 147.11234092712

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