Embrace Yourself (Australian International Youth Assosciation) [Youth Week Tasmania 2023]

AIYA is thrilled to bring a special Youth week event, "Embrace Yourself," which invites all young people to our T-Shirt Painting workshop and Exhibition 🎨🎨


It will be a unique experience as you would get a chance to "Reflect and Share your Story" in an artistic manner to express; "What acceptance means to you?" 


The T-shirt painting workshop will be happening on 29the April, Saturday (10am - 1pm) at Multicultural Council of Tasmania 


Then you can showcase your "Embrace Yourself" T-Shirt Art on the Exhibition day, that would be 6th May, Saturday (9am - 12pm) at Youth Arts & Recreation Centre 


Followed by the most exciting one , "Walk on Salamanca," wearing your "Embrace Yourself" T-Shirt with confidence and acceptance!! 


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Event Dates

Youth Arts and Recreation Centre, 44 Collins St
7000 TAS