Youth Week Tasmania Logos

Please Note: These logos are available for use by anyone holding a Youth Week Tasmania event.

The official YWT 2022 logo must be included in the main body any posters or promotional items you produce.
Please do not put it in a strip of other supporter or sponsor logos relating specifically to your event.

We have provided both horizontal and vertical logo designs as well as a choice of black and white and colour versions of the logo. Please use the one that works best for the materials you are producing.

Dos and Don’ts of YWT 2022 logo use.

  • Don’t make the YWT logo smaller than 25mm wide for the vertical version, and 50mm wide for the horizontal version.
  • Don’t change the format, colour, shape or font of the logo
  • Do drag the logo from the corners to resize it. This will make the height and width change in proportion, so it is not squeezed, squashed or otherwise distorted.
  • Don’t create your own version of the logo by adding or removing any text or part of the logo.
  • Do always include the YWT 2022 in all public promotion and information materials supporting your event.