Youth Futures Summit

Youth Sector

Last year, the world was devastated by COVID-19, and young people were some of the most impacted. We saw the highest levels of youth unemployment and underemployment, increasing debt for young people, disruption to school and education, serious mental health challenges, and more. 

We needed to come together to confront our generation defining struggles and create a vision for life beyond the pandemic. 

After the success of YFS 2020, we're back this year to shift our focus from immediate consequences of the public health and economic crises of the year gone, and focus now on creating long-lasting changes that will empower and embolden young people for generations to come. 

Pre-registrations are now open. Are you with us? 

What is YFS? 
YFS is a virtual event that brings together thousands of diverse people across multiple sectors and communities to re-imaging the biggest challenges and systems impacting young people, and the rest of Australia. Read more...


*New dates announced on 27 October 2021. 
YFS was originally advertised for 9-11 November 2021 and was postponed to 5-7 April 2022. 

Event Dates

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